41585433_1651293681649182_2288703031685939200_n.jpgSunshine!  It’s amazing! Look at this photo I just took out the front of my house!  As the skies turn blue and the days begin to warm up I am very grateful.

This past winter, our family has been under a never-ending cloud of sickness.  I don’t think we’ve ever spent so much money at the pharmacy.  Colds, flus, infections, conjunctivitis, asthma… we’ve had it all.

I have been noticing today how my mood is changing as the temperature increases.  I feel more energy to get things done. I have been a whole lot more productive.  For the first time in a number of months I feel hope again.  The long, cold winter has certainly sapped my energy and I don’t think I realised just how flat I felt.  As the bare trees burst into bud overnight, I can almost hear them singing.  There is no doubt the emerging flowers, birds and warmth signal new life and resurrection.

It makes me reflect how we miss out in the Southern Hemisphere by experiencing Easter in the Autumn.  We read and sing of new life just as the days get shorter, the leaves are dropping from the trees and the coolness creeps in.

What a joy today to experience the “season of Easter” at the wrong time of the year.

And yet for me, the timing is just right.

I am beginning to come alive again!